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Ninja tools to empower entrepreneurs

Your swift, speedy solution to never having enough time.

No need to comparison shop, we do it all – and more
  • We’re the only app that lets you link up to 5 phones.
  • Ninja Number will notify you if you miss a call, text or voicemail, so you’ll be able to respond quickly.
  • We don’t use Wi-Fi – no dropped calls, no static, no echo, no problem.
  • The smartest AI-powered Auto-Reply to answer customer FAQ’s for you.
  • Ninja Number is the only app out there that analyzes your Big Data and then provides useful insights to help grow your business.

The easiest, fastest way to communicate


  • Categorize business calls and contacts to recognize and prioritize who’s calling or texting.
  • See all interactions before returning a call so you have the full history.
  • If you’re in a meeting or unavailable, you can respond to voicemail transcriptions with a text. You can’t do that with your regular smartphone.

Mind-blowing artificial intelligence to save you time.

Our artificial intelligence is so slick, you can customize your responses to frequently asked questions and your Ninja will reply for you. What will you do with all that extra time?


Cash in on your data gold mine

We’re the only app that not only generates reports, but gives you insight on how to improve your call handling. Check out our Big Data features:

  • Understand trends.
  • Get insights on how to improve your stats and communication.
  • See what types of calls you’re getting.
  • Find out who your top callers are.
  • Track calls by time and location.

Ninja Number goes where you go

Ninja Number’s advanced features mean it is the only business phone system you’ll ever need.

Call tracking.
Call tracking.

The home screen displays all your calls. Your Ninja tracks how long it’s been since the call has come in.


Customize responses to frequently asked questions and your Ninja will respond for you.

Multiple extensions.
Multiple extensions.

Nobody offers linking up to 5 phones. Oh wait, Ninja Number does. Start assembling your Ninja team now!

Text messaging.
Text messaging.

Since we're the smartest app out there, you can text back to voicemails. Ninja-fy your multi-tasking!


Your calls are data gold mines. Tap into them with Ninja Number’s amazing analytics and insights.

Second phone number.
Second phone number.

Turn your smartphone into a double agent. Personal and business line – one phone.

Starting at just $9.95 a month!


Try Ninja Number free for 7 days. Instant activation – no contracts, and all features included!