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Grasshopper Review

Grasshopper is a well known virtual phone system that allows small business owners to have a separate phone number for business. These phone numbers can be used via their mobile app so that when you make a call, your personal number does not show up. You can get Local, Vanity and 800 numbers.

Grasshopper features two plans: “Grasshopper” and “Grasshopper Connect”.

The Grasshopper plan includes:

Desktop + Mobile Apps, Voicemail Transcription, Simultaneous Call Handling, Custom Greetings, Reporting, Business Texting , VoIP/Wi-Fi Calling, Virtual Fax, Incoming Call Control, Business Phone Number, Call Forwarding, Voicemail, Extensions, Call Transfers and Instant Response.

These are all useful features, but with Grasshopper they come at a high cost.

Ninja Number Grasshopper
Extensions unlimited 3-unlimited
Text to voice
Lead management tools
Link up to 5 numbers
Live Answering
Cost $9.95-$69.95 $29-$89

Ninja Silhouette

Grasshopper will transcribe your voicemails, but then send the transcription to your email. Ninja Number will transcribe your voicemails and you can read from in the app, as well as text back to the voicemails. You can also set up Smart Auto-Reply. Our artificial intelligence will scan your voicemails for frequently asked questions and then text back your customized reply. Just set up your questions and answers to put your phone on autopilot.

Ninja Number lets you link up to 5 phones, whereas Grasshopper is just one phone number per phone. Our Team Mode means all phones are linked, so when a call comes in, up to 5 team members have a shot at answering. All phones can reply to texts and voicemails, and you can track every response so you’re always in the loop.

Grasshopper offers less and is more expensive with plans starting at $26 a month. Ninja Number is only $9.95 a month and we don’t make you pay for each linked phone. That’s right, all 5 lines are charged at the one monthly rate.

Ninja Number will never use VoIP – unlike Grasshopper. We use your cellular connection so you’ll always have the best call quality. Get unlimited texts (SMS & MMS) and minutes with Ninja Number.

For even more comprehensive call coverage, Ninja Number has Live Ninja On-Demand. Our team of Ninja Operators will answer your calls when you and your team can’t. This feature is 24/7/365 call answering, so when it’s a holiday, or you’re just tied up in a meeting, your calls are being handled by a real person, who will take a message and send it directly to you.

No other app does all that Ninja Number can

Control your business and your company from the palm of your hand.

Virtual PBX

Turn your one phone into two numbers.

Or five! Keep business calls separate from personal. Handle Support separate from Sales.

Check out all the features in the chart below!

Team Number /
Linked Phones

Get your whole team on the same number so anyone can answer

Route calls automatically, transfer mid-call, or conference.

Auto Reply

Ninja Number AI recognizes FAQs (like your service territory or hours) and can automatically send the answers you want.

Live Agents

Get a Live Ninja On-Demand to answer your calls, screen your calls and forward your messages. Only Ninja Number has it! 24/7/365.


Get detailed analysis of your call activity to help strategize your business.

See how we cut through the
competition in the chart below:


Toll-Free Numbers Auto-reply Live Agents Reports Team
Unlimited Calling
Ninja Number
Godaddy Smartline N/A N/A
Line 2
Google Voice


Power up your call handling.

Start your free trial today.

What people are saying about Ninja Number

Ninja Number keeps me honest. So many times I think, "I'll call that person back" and forget about it. But now, Ninja Number reminds me to call those people back. That means more sales and more money in my pocket.

Guy Terry -
Guy Terry

I love the reports and insights. Ninja Number gives me detailed information on my call history and tells me how I can improve my communications with customers.

Ben Fowler -
Ben Fowler

Ninja Number is a huge part of my business model. I have a virtual office from home, and having a toll-free number where my customers can contact me from anywhere makes my life easier! It gives my customers the idea that I'm not working from my home office in my pajamas!

Monica Dean -
Monica Dean
Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses Trust Ninja Number


Ninjas are trusted allies, working behind the scenes to get the job done. Today, more than 75,000 entrepreneurs and small businesses have used our services to handle business phone calls.

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Starting at just $9.95 a month!


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