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Get into team mode! Link up to 5 phones, at no additional cost

Don’t do it all alone! Team mode allows you to tap your team to the best call handling.


You to the power of 5

It’s hard to do everything, so don’t!

  • We are the only virtual phone system that lets you link up to 5 phones.
  • You and your team share the same line and same subscription.
  • That’s right, we don’t make each team member pay a monthly fee.
  • Always be available with your team by your side.

Seamless collaboration

Stay organized and streamlined with Ninja Number.

  • Always stay in the loop with call tracking.
  • Calls, texts or voicemails that need responses are flagged, so they don’t slip through the cracks.
  • Responses are marked by name and time stamped.

Tap your Ninja team

Ninja Number has collaboration down to an art form. If a customer has a question better suited for a team member, simply:

  • Refer to the team member by name in your text.
  • Since all communication is shared with every team member, they can jump in.
  • Don’t worry about another text thread opening, it’s a seamless transition all within the same thread.
  • Keep track of the conversation, so you stay in the loop.

What phone linking can do for your business

Work together.
Work together.

A call rings all five phones, so anyone on your team can answer ensuring you never miss a lead.

Allows for scaling.
Allows for scaling.

Start small and add linked phones to your account, allowing your business to scale easily and efficiently.

Track replies.
Track replies.

All responses from team members to calls and texts can be viewed for seamless collaboration.

Text messaging.
Text messaging.

Respond quickly with text. Anyone on your team texts back using the same number.

Refer to your team.
Refer to your team.

Refer a customer to another person on your team all within the same text thread.

Seamless responses.
Seamless responses.

When a team member jumps in on the conversation, the customer will never know unless you mention it.

Monitor activity.
Monitor activity.

You can see if calls, texts or voicemails have been replied to by another team member so no inquiry gets forgotten.


Switch Auto-Reply to live texting. Anyone on your team can keep the conversation going.

You’re the boss.
You’re the boss.

When you sign up, you're the admin and can invite and manage your team members.

How to link phones

Ninja Number makes it easy to connect your current smartphone with your business phone number during set up.


Link your phone

During set up, you’ll link your personal phone to Ninja Number. That’s how your calls come in!

Invite others

We’re the only ones that let you add up to 4 more numbers. Simply send an email to invite team members.

All phones ring

Once setup is complete, your Ninja Team can answer any phone calls that comes in through the app.

That’s it! Easily access and monitor all phones linked to your Ninja Number to see who’s available to accept calls, and you can track who answered what call or text all within the app.

Check out all that Ninja Number can do for you

<strong>Hey, Big Data</strong>
Hey, Big Data

Your calls are a wealth of usable data. We take your calls, analyze the data and turn it into useful reports. And what’s more, we’ll give you insights on those reports to help your business grow.

<strong>Multi-task like a boss</strong>
Multi-task like a boss

Ninja Number is the only virtual phone system that lets you text back to voicemails with a text. If you’re in a meeting or on the go, simply type out a response to your transcribed voicemails. Boom!

Starting at just $9.95 a month!


Try Ninja Number free for 7 days. Instant activation – no contracts, and all features included!