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Choose your number

Ninja Number is free to download. When you choose your number, you’ve got a couple of options:

  • Choose a toll-free number or local number.
  • Or a catchy vanity number.
  • Already have an established business number? No prob! Port it over to Ninja Number so you don’t skip a beat.

Now it’s time to link your phone

Link your phone and set up your greeting. You can customize your own greeting, or use a pre-recorded greeting. It’s up to you!

Get incredible features at your fingertips

Boom! Now you’ve got Ninja powers! Ninja Number has the best features out there. Keep scrolling to learn how your app empowers you to grow your business.

The smartest virtual phone system

Ninja Number is a cut above the rest.

Features that nobody else offers. Nobody.

Smart, savvy solutions to empower entrepreneurs.

  • Team Mode. Link up to 5 phones for 100% call coverage by your whole team. No other app can do that!
  • Smart Auto-reply. Amazing AI responds to frequently asked questions.
  • Call tracking. We’ll analyze your calls and texts and then give you customized advice on how to improve.
  • Big Data. Your call history, interpreted, plus some smart advice.
  • Live Ninja On-Demand. If no one else is available to answer, our Ninja Operators are ready and waiting to take the call, take a message and make your business look great.

Power to the entrepreneur

Keep your business and personal life separate.

  • Send and receive calls and texts.
  • View your entire conversation history at a glance.
  • Track the calls and texts you’ve missed by time and importance.
  • Text back to voicemails.
  • See who on your team has responded to what calls, texts or voicemails.

Ninja Number is swift,
silent and reliable

We don’t use a WiFi connection for you calls like those other guys. By using your cellular connection, you don’t have to worry about poor call quality or dropped calls when your WiFi connection is lost or weak. On top of that, we don’t use your cellular data. Win-win!

What Others Are Saying About Ninja Number

The coolest part about the app is that it shows me all the calls and messages that I’ve missed and gives me a checklist of those still needing a response. Super convenient and ensures that I haven’t missed anyone!

Holly Sparks - Owner and Gymnastics Instructor
Holly Sparks Owner and Gymnastics Instructor

My business is only open for morning and evening classes so I really needed something that would ring to my cell phone so people could call at all hours of the day instead of waiting for our doors to open. Having better communication has tremendously helped my client base grow!

Joe Beasley  - Fitness Boot Camp Instructor
Joe Beasley Fitness Boot Camp Instructor

I’m always receiving the same questions about my studio on a daily basis. The best help is the auto-reply feature. Helps me to filter out some of the calls and spend less time on the phone. And, my callers aren’t waiting on me to personally call them back. It’s a win-win!

Clay Griffin - Paint Studio Owner
Clay Griffin Paint Studio Owner

Check out all that Ninja Number can do for you

Why do you need a second phone number?
Why do you need a second phone number?

It lets you separate business from pleasure. Or having to buy a second phone and a second plan. Having a second phone number means you get two phones for one – at a fraction of the cost.

Ninja Number has the best features out there. Period.
Ninja Number has the best features out there. Period.

Respond to voicemails with text? Check. AI-powered Auto-Reply? Check. Call data? Yep! Check out all the features you get when you simplify – no, Ninja-fy – your business.

See more of the features Ninja Number has to offer!

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