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Business texting: The new communication frontier

Start talking the way your customers want – with text messaging.


Give your customers what they want – a fast, efficient way to communicate with you. Most phone systems require hardware or expensive plans to set you up to business text. Not us.

  • Texting is part of your amazingly affordable Ninja Number plan and all texting is unlimited.
  • That includes SMS and MMS texting.
  • Text back to voicemails. Say what? Yep.
  • Set up Auto-Reply texts so when you miss a call or text, our artificial intelligence quickly sends a response to let your customers know you’ll get back to them ASAP.
  • Let’s see other apps do that.


Be lightning fast with Ninja Number

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could text back to a voicemail? Too bad your smartphone can’t do that. But Ninja Number can. Here’s how it works:

  • You get a transcribed voicemail.
  • You or a team member can text back immediately using your business number.
  • All dialogue is tracked, so you and your team can follow along.
  • The calI came from a landline? No worries! We’ll let you know so you can call back instead.

"Transfer" texts to different team members

Got someone on your team that you want to handle specific questions? Loop them into the conversation all within the same thread.

Let's get visual

Send invoices or quotes, project details, photos and more with Ninja Number’s MMS capability.

What you can do with texting

Respond to voicemails by  text.
Respond to voicemails by text.

Be Ninja quick in responding to voicemails by using text. How cool is that?

View your entire  conversation.
View your entire conversation.

Stay up to speed by viewing your entire team's responses and who responded to what calls.

Bring in team members for  extra help.
Bring in team members for extra help.

When you link your phones, you can seamlessly loop team members into the conversation thread.

Business texting made easy


Simple sign up

Download the app, simple as that? Then you can invite team members. We’re the only app that lets you link up to S phones, at no additional cost.

Incomparable call quality

Unlike those other guys, we don’t use WiFi for your calls, which means no static, echoes, dropped calls or lost connectivity.

Unlimited texting. Free!

Unlimited business texting is available right away when you sign up for a free trial with Ninja Number. Once your free trial is complete, you automatically roll over to a plan that includes unlimited texting.

Check out all that Ninja Number can do for you

Hey, Big Data
Hey, Big Data

Your calls are a wealth of usable data. We take your calls, analyze the data and turn it into useful reports. And what's more, we'll give you insights on those reports to help your business grow.

The smartest AI
The smartest AI

Ninja Number's Auto-Reply uses artificial intelligence to respond to your business's frequently asked questions for you. Imagine all the time you'll save!